Coast to Coast – September 2016 – Day 4


Dawn broke with an eerie mist over the Grasmere Fells but Carol from the BBC Weather service assured me of another warm and sunny day for day 4 on the C2C!

We were back to full strength this morning with everyone walking and looking forward to another ‘easy’ day in Lakeland. It’s only 8 miles or so up Tongue Gill to Grisedale Tarn before dropping down the valley to Patterdale. Having said that, it’s still a decent climb to Grisedale Hause on a rough track.

I always tend to start the day walking at the back just to make sure everyone is walking ok and not carrying any obvious injury’s and so it seemed today.

The C2C can certainly break a pair of boots - duct tape though is the number one thing I pack on every expedition!

The C2C can certainly break a pair of boots – duct tape though is the number one thing I pack on every expedition! I hasten to add that these boots don’t belong to our group!

The walk up Tongue Gill certainly made us a touch warm with the humid conditions and the sun trying to break through the cloud. After some clothing adjustment and baggage redistribution, we all made the Hause for elevenses in the sun.

The decision had already been made to walk down the valley route rather than climb St Sunday Crag, so Steve led off on what turned out to be a sheep trod over bog and down a rock outcrop whereas the wily amongst us took the path in comfort! So trainee guide Steve was unanimously sacked from his role after the second misadventure in two days πŸ˜‰

After sharing tonight’s laundry with all of us further down the slope during a not so private wild wee, Andrea soon caught us up just in time for lunch break at the Ruthwaite Climbing Lodge.

As it was such a lovely day with a spectacular view (not Andrea’s laundry) we made the most of an extended lunch in the sun.


This photo is for Deaglan, Bob’s grandson back in Australia who is following his Grandad’s progress across the country. Deaglan – he is doing fine and putting us all to shame with his fitness and determination – you can be very proud of him!



The view down Grisedale after lunch as we headed towards Patterdale

Once down in Patterdale, we took advantage of the hostelry to top up on fluids prior to checking in to our varies accommodations. I’m not sure how much the alcohol post exertion played in the part that followed but Steve made a revelation that surprised us all. He asked us for advice on how he should tell his wife that this was the best holiday he had ever had!!

Well, after much hilarity, and suggestions that he should text her, leave a Dear John letter, leave the country, etc, we decided that it may be best if she learns from reading this blog. When you do, please leave Steve’s belongings in a waterproof container outside the house for his eventual return.


Refreshments in Patterdale


This was the moment when Steve shared his innermost thoughts…….I’m not sure what advice Christine is giving him, but as you can see in the background, Paul is highly amused!

So after a light refreshment, we made our way to our accommodations and hot showers. Tomorrow, we leave the Lake District with regret but heartened in the knowledge that the Yorkshire Dales await us in a day or so. Who knows what further revelations may emerge as time goes on – we can only speculate – watch the blog for further instalments and learn whether Steve ever goes home or spends his life on a permanent loop of the Coast to Coast; will Andrea continue to air her laundry in public; will Alan’s jokes ever get better; will my wasp sting ever stop stinging – see tomorrow’s next instalment if we ever get to Shap!

If you would like to become part of the C2C adventure check outΒ http://Www.sherpaexpeditions.comΒ and see how. After all, Steve can’t be wrong, can he?


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2 Responses to “Coast to Coast – September 2016 – Day 4”

  1. Claudine jones Says:

    Hi everybody ,don’t know if this is coming thru in cyber space but we have just checked out the blog and guys – ya daint have to tell us how awesome our bob jones aka granddad is !!!!! Thank you for thinking of dek , it has made his day !!!!! Please pass on our hugs and kisses to bob and remind him that we jones’s are ,as sure footed as a beer swigging ,goanna oil slathering mountain goats !!!!! Have an awesome day ,please all take care of one another and please keep a left eye on that fine fellow bob jones ……cheers Claudine Mackenzie and the deaglan son πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜œπŸ’—πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ ( if you could pass on the pineapples to grandad from maxi- b ,that would be greatly appreciated ) cheers

    • lme14 Says:

      Hi Claudine,
      I got your message and read it to Bob this morning. There was a tear in his eye 😊

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