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Coast to Coast June 2015 – Day 13


The final day weather was tremendous as we set off from Grosmont on the final 16 miles of our C2C. A relaxed final day and we made the most of the weather with a long and enjoyable tea stop in Littlebeck Woods at the Falling Fosse tea shop. It’s always a delight to find it and in bright dappled sunshine – it is a beautiful spot next to the waterfall.


Ladies who take tea!


the male contingent


It’s always a real pleasure to find the first signpost for RHB, you just have to remember that AW never walked in a straight line and therefore it’s always longer than the sign may say!

At last RHB comes into view across the headland….. 

Some of the group could hardly walk ………… 

The happy group at the end of 192 long miles, and out of 182 possible group walking days, they achieved 181.5 – an excellent result and the best overall achievement I’ve guided…….so far!


Thanks to everyone for making this a memorable two weeks, full of fun, hard walking, lots of unforgettable moments too many to mention and new friendships made. As ever, the Sherpa Expeditions team made it all possible and trouble free ………….apart from the 192 ish miles 😉

Visma, Maureen, Amanda, Dilshan, Zoe, Fred, Mario, Rick, Ed, Sheila, Robin, Doug and Heather – you were wonderful. Best wishes also to our other friends, Richard, Mary and Stephen who we walked many miles with along the way. We never did see what happened to Sponge Bob Square Pants, Sophie and her dad or many of the others we met along the way, but assume that they also completed the challenge. Well done to everyone, and have safe trips back home and may the memories of June 2015 and the C2C remain large.


See the website at Sherpa Expeditions to make your Coast to Coast dream a reality.


Coast to Coast June 2015 – day 5


i always think that this is the hardest day of the C2C despite only being 16 miles! It starts with a good steady climb from Patterdale up to Boredale Hause before heading over to Angle Tarn and on to the highest point on the C2C at Kidsty Pike and its gnarly descent to Haweswater. It all adds up to well over 1300 metres of ascent and the peak of Kidsty at 784m.

The group set off in good heart and with only a 40% chance of precipitation during the day, another good walking day seemed to be on the cards.

On Satura Crag, you always get a great view down into Martindale to scan the valley sides for Red Deerbut they were hard to see today. However, climbing up to the Knott, they were visible silhouetted against the sky. There were at least 8 hinds and a good sized stag proudly displaying his antlers for all to see.


Red Deer silhoutted against the sky


Amanda in full flow – again!

The group were making excellent time today and we made the top of Kidsty Howes descent well before lunch.


from Kidsty Howes looking down to Haweswater


Lunchtime overlooking Haweswater

We arrived in Shap after 8 hours so averaged a very good 2mph including stops – boding well for tomorrow’s 21 mile walk to Kirkby Stephen as long as tonight’s fish and chip supper at The New Shap Chippy doesn’t weigh too heavily!
Before leaving for supper from our lovely B&B at Brookfield in Shap, we had a look at Sheila’s damaged big toes and goodness knows how she has managed to walk with two big toes under so much pressure. All I can say is that the money she is raising for Cancer Research is being earned in the hardest of ways – well done Sheila 😉

Heavy bruising under and around Sheila’s big toes

The New Shap Chippy, Shap

So, a good day 5 and so far only one walker has missed one day and with the average age of the group at one of the lowest I gave led, the signs look good for an excellent completion result well ahead of the average 75% – fingers crossed 😉
In the meantime, full English breakfast ordered for tomorrow and an early night ahead 


Bacon and sausage please!

See Lakeland Mountain Experience for more details.

Coast to Coast June 2015 – day 4


This is the shortest stage of the C2C and gives an opportunity to be deviant within reason. The direct route from Grasmere to Patterdale is a mere 8.5 miles with spectacular views back over Grasmere but also down Grisedale Valley – one of, if not the most beautiful valleys in the entire Lake District. Ullswater comes into view from Grisedale Hause and stays with you all the way into Glenridding.

So we said bye to Grasmere, resplendent with rhododendrons in full bloom and began the walk up Tongue Gill admiring the sterling work of the Fix the Fells team on the way. If you wish to donate to this very worthy cause, you can do so on the website at Fix the Fells and help continue the vital work of upland path maintenance and repair.

Unfortunately, we lost Robin early on as she realised that she had left her coat and sweater at the hotel in Grasmere and in the absence of a good phone signal, wanted to return to collect them.

It was a great shame because when we reached Grisedale Tarn the democratic decision from the group was to climb St Sunday Crag in the quest of the promised views and experience. It’s said that better views,if fewer thrills, lie in wait on the south side of the valley along St Sunday Crag. Indeed for many people, these are the best views of the whole route. What’s more, the effort to climb to St Sunday having already climbed to Grisedale Hause is by the standards of the Lake District, negligible! We reached A coffee halt just before Deepdale Hause and although the wind was evident, it failed to alert us to its full strength on the Hause!

The clouds were gathering over the Helvellyn range and threatened to carry wet weather over towards us but I decided to head the group up to the Hause and the summit. On reaching the Hause the wind was at least 50mph if not more and made walking the ridge a little exhilerating at times.

We reached the summit at 841m and the views were superb, if not tempered by the wind chill and the sheer strength of the wind. We continued over The Cape to marvel at the best panoramas on the entire Coast to Coast in all directions. I broke out my numerous spare gloves for the group and promptly witnessed Mario furiously chasing one glove downwind towards the drop over into Deepdale. Fortunately he responded to the shouts and returned gloveless but safe! I rescued the glove in a more leisurely fashion and we continued with suitable decorum 😀

Having descended into the Ullswater valley, we made our way to Fellbites Cafe in Glenridding for tea, coffee and cakes before heading to our accommodation in Patterdale. 

So after 47 miles, we head for Shap tomorrow and bid farewell to the Lake District. It won’t let us go easily though, with what I think is the most difficult day of the C2C over the highest point that is Kidsty Pike, it’s gnarly descent to Haweswater and the endless trek along the reservoir edge. Still we’ll grit our teeth and knuckle down to another day of Lakeland adventure!

For more information about guided Coast to Coast holidays see Sherpa Expeditions or Lakeland Mountain Experience

Coast to Coast June 2015 – day 3


Last night we celebrated birthday’s of three ladies, Amanda, Vizma and Sheila. The most notable being Amanda’s passing from decade 4 into the decade 5. It’s clear that she is suffering from early onset senility, and she is singing all manner of tunes climbing Lining Crag, including, Climb every mountain, Will you still love me when I’m 64, Ferry across the Mersey etc – all unconnected but clearly the mix of oxygen deprivation, early onset senility, and the joyous prospect of joining the SAGA ranks has sadly taken its toll.

Day 3 leaving Borrowdale so it must be a rainy day ☔️. It’s not the wettest place in the UK for nothing – 186 inches of rainfall a year keeps the landscape green though. In the Lakeland wash out that was 2009, it was well over 200 inches, helped by an incredible12.4 inches falling at Seathwaite Farm in 24 hours in late November – a new record for the British Isles since records began nearly 300 years ago.

Our walk took us up towards Greenup Edge and the climb up alongside Eagle Crag before the ascent up Lining Crag. The group got their first taste of peat bogs on top with Robin’s foot (and lower leg) enjoying the delights !!

The mist rolled in and out obscuring the view one minute then teasing us with glorious Birrowdale views the next.

As we made our way down Easedale, the skies cleared and the sun broke through, drying us nicely as we prepared to arrive in Grasmere. I always enjoy the view back up Easedale from Easedale Bridge, and today’s view was as special as always.

Wordsworth called this valley ‘the fairest place on earth’ and it’s easy to agree with his sentiments. Although Wordswirth only lived in Grasmere for 9 years, it was a productive time and he penned many of his best known works here. His grave is in St Oswald’s Churchyard and is always a peaceful haven in what can be a very busy village.

So we arrived early to allow everyone the opportunity to rest and enjoy the many tea shops, cafes and gift shops before dinner at the Red Lion in their lovely conservatory looking out over Helm Crag.

So three days in and 38 miles down, a few blisters appearing in the group but otherwise so far so good 😊. Hopefully more C2C musings tomorrow from Patterdale.

Read more about the Coast to Coast at  Sherpa Expeditions or Lakeland Mountain Experience

Coast to Coast June 2015 – day 2


Today’s walk is 15 miles with a delightful walk along the Ennerdale Valley before going up Loft Beck and onward to Borrowdale. The lakeshore path is always a pretty one and usually without incident, until last month when a ‘Coaster’ from another group lost her life falling from Anglers Crag.


We reached Anglers Crag in good time but unfortunately one of our group was feeling a little unwell and ultimately left us at Ennerdale YHA to get a taxi over to Borrowdale. Thankfully, she is ok and feels fit to walk tomorrow.

We reached Black Sail in decent time though with Robin and Amanda pacesetting to keep us going.

Lots of geese with goslings and cuckoos kept us company along the lake as the sun tried to breakthrough. No sooner had we started to climb Loft Beck, the sun appeared and shone over AW’s ashes on Haystacks. The view from the top of Loft Beck is always a spectacular one with Ennerdale, Crummock Water and Buttermere glistening in the sun guarded by the sentinels of Pillar, Red Pike, Fleetwith Pike, Grasmoor all standing proud in the breaking sun. After some running repairs to Zoe’s feet we slipstreamed Fast Fred and Dilshan down to Honister Pass  and on into Borrowdale. 

The wettest place in England and no rain yet ☔️- everything crossed.


Day 3 is a short day to Grasmere so hoping for some good weather again so that people can  enjoy the lovely town in the afternoon.

Now for a nice pint of Mr Jennings Cocker Hoop in the Langstrath Hotel.

For more information on the C2C see the website at or Lakeland Mountain Experience

Coast to Coast June 2015 edition.



The June edition of the Sherpa Expeditions C2C  started this morning in good conditions. All 13 clients suited and booted with their St Bees pebbles from the Irish Sea to carry across to the North Sea at Robin Hoods Bay. The Ladies outnumber the men so it will be interesting if this group can better the 75% completion average – watch this space! I think the average age will be lower too, so we have an excellent chance of doing better.

The nesting season along the cliffs was clearly in full swing today with thousands of Kittiwakes nesting on the cliffs – perched precariously on the sandstone with no room to spare – the smell from their ‘deposits’ was obvious from a good distance away too !

The group arrived into Ennerdale Bridge at 1645 so an elapsed time of 8 hours for 14 miles so we need to increase our average speed from 1.75 miles per hour as we get to the bigger days but still some ‘training’ time ahead of us before Patterdale to Shap and beyond. Still we were faster than this little guy – even with all of his legs!


So after the first day, all in good heart, good shape and plenty of good conversation as everyone gets to know each other – characters already appearing, even on day one!

Tomorrow is Ennerdale Bridge to Stonethwaite – always a spectacularly good walk through Ennerdale and Black Sail before ‘going over the top’ to Borrowdale. Fingers crossed for a weather day like today 😎

Hopefully, more tomorrow, until then, 14 steak and ale pies please Landlord 🍴 😉

See the Sherpa website for more details or contact Malcolm Wade at Lakeland Mountain Experience 

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