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Lake District National Park Guided Walk – Catstycam

Lakeland Mountain Experience Guided walk party just below Swirral Edge on the way to Catstycam summit

Lakeland Mountain Experience Guided walk party just below Swirral Edge on the way to Catstycam summit

Phew – that looks tough in this weather! Swirral Edge en route to Catstycam summit with a party of 18 guests. What beautiful Lake District weather – looking good for the Whit week holiday next week too! Great day all round, nice Lake District photography with fantastic views of Ullswater, striding edge, brilliant company too, I love Lakeland Mountain Experience. Lake District walks are the best. I know I’m prejudiced, but I love giving guided walks in Lakeland. They give so much pleasure.

Mountain experience is about filling all the senses. Obviously we’ve got the outstanding views, but there’s also the scent of warm grass, fresh moss and … sheep.  Yes, its fresh air with a delightful difference. It wouldn’t be the same without that ingredient, and there’s the feel of the living rock and the magnitude of unspoilt space between the views.

When I’m not teaching navigation courses or guiding walks I’m out volunteering in The Lake District National Park. There’s a glamour in these Fells, the play of light on rough crag and velvety golden grass enchants. You can return to them again and again and like distinguished old friends they never fail to impress.

In different weathers they acquire different moods but the grandeur is always there.

Talk about evocative names! Striding edge, Helvelyn, Catsycam! They’re weighty names for places of lasting substance with an enjoyable whiff of risk about them.

Watch this space for news and factoids relating to Fell walking in The Lakeland Mountain Experience Weblog.

On walks you can use sheep to roughly gauge distance because they lend scale to a view.

Malcolm Wade of Lakeland Mountain Experience


A warm guided walk up to Catstycam


This view from the hole in the wall over to Helvellyn and Catstycam shows how warm it was on Tuesday. 30 degrees C with no breeze at all – warmer than Monte Carlo! A great day with 18 walkers on a free Lake District National Park guided walk. Nice to have 5 foreign visitors on the walk too. A lovely walk made a very special day with excellent weather and visibility.

Another wet but good day in Borrowdale


Just finished a great guided walk in Borrowdale leading for HF Holidays. It was wet but nevertheless a good walk with some wonderful people rounded off with libations in the Scafell Hotel – thank you! HF Holidays guests certainly know how to enjoy themselves. An evening with a local ‘storyteller’ is on the agenda tonight and the final night party tomorrow.


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