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Striding Edge and Helvellyn


The winter weather certainly makes Striding Edge look spectacular from Fairfield. Another good day for airing the crampons and honing winter walking skills. Contact us if you want to more than a guided walk with “Lakeland Mountain Experience”.


Classic Winter Walk – The Fairfield Horseshoe


The weather was perfect today for a classic winter lakeland walk. The Fairfield Horseshoe summits 8 Wainwrights and with clear skies the 360 degree panoramas are superb. This has to be my favourite winter walk and a great favourite all year round.

The weather looks set for the day……………

There are 3 females in the shelter while all the men were left out in the cold…….

Six of us headed up Grains Gill in Borrowdale today aiming to walk up to Esk Hause, Sprinkling Tarn, Styhead Tarn and back to Seathwaite. As you can see the weather curtailed our trip but at least the 3 Ladies were warm for lunch in the 5 person shelter. We 3 men all ate our lunch al fresco! No such thing as bad weather – just wrong clothes!

International Space Station flies over Lakeland


I managed to see the International Space Station fly overhead this morning at 06.06. It was clearly visible for 3 minutes as it hurtled around the earth. With the clear skies over Cumbria and very little light pollution, the view with the naked eye was good. with binoculars you could see the sun shining on the refelctive panels of the station.

Take a look at the NASA website for details of when you can watch the ISS at any part of the world – although Lakeland is obviously the best view!

Northern Lights


The sky looks like it’ll be clear again tonight – watch out for more sightings of the Northern Lights over the Lake District. There were some spectacular colours and sighting of the gases earlier this week. No light pollution – just another reason why the Lake District is so fabulous!

LME Walks: High Pressure Over Langdale – Superb Views


Last week Barney and I walked in the lovely Langdale Pikes. The views were exquisitely beautiful. Heavy frost all day silvered the grasses. Afterwards we enjoyed a Winter warmer in Old Dungeon Ghyll, fantastic!

The Langdale Valley

The Langdale Valley

Lakeland Mountain Experience Starts Blogging!


Welcome to Lakeland Mountain Experience weblog, the LME WALKS Blog. Here I’ll be posting news and factoids relating to Fell walking, Navigation courses and guided walks. This is the interactive part of my web presence, it’s linked to Lakeland Mountain Experience’s official website.

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